Here are the best flooring options for active households

Here are the best flooring options for active households

When you need new floors, a busy home means durable floor coverings. The more durable the materials, the longer they will last, giving you plenty of services.

We have good news if you're unsure which materials will serve you best. Here are some excellent options for your busy household.

Laminate has a lot to offer

These wood and stone-look materials are perfect for every room of your home. And they work well in even your busiest spaces.

Layers add impressive benefits, including dimensional stability and scratch and stain protection. In addition, the surfaces work well in various spaces for new floors you'll love for up to 20 years.

Don't overlook luxury vinyl flooring

Choose luxury vinyl flooring when you need complete protection with an excellent lifespan. These materials resist all forms of wear and offer complete waterproof protection.

They also offer impressive wood, stone, and tile looks, with various colors and styles. You'll love that they match any decor, so browse to find your perfect match.

Natural stone flooring for extensive lifespan

Natural stone offers a lifespan that could last more than 100 years. But you'll want to consider each stone and its characteristics at our flooring company for the best fit.

Some need sealing, and some don't, offering specific benefits. So there are likely a few that will serve you best, depending on your needs.

Choose our showroom for your flooring

Luke Van Camp's Floors & More is a great place to find flooring for active households. Our associates are ready to work with you to create your desired results.

No matter what type of traffic your home sees, there's a floor covering for that. And you'll find the perfect match for yours.

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