How to shop for carpet

Carpet floors remain one of the most popular choices, especially since technological advances have come up with advances in stain resistance and durability. It’s not something we buy often, but it is a significant investment, so be sure you are armed with some information when you start shopping. Consider budget, style, needs, and goals; with so many types of construction and styles, there is something for everyone. If you have any additional concerns when shopping for carpet in Tallahassee, FL, feel free to come to our showroom.

Consider color carefully

The best way to see if the color works with your decor is to look at the sample in the room where the carpet flooring will be installed. Outdoor brightness or a showroom's lightbox may help you see the sample more clearly, but won't match the illumination in your home, and the color could be off.

Also, consider your lifestyle. Do you have pets with light or dark fur? Do you have a lot of foot traffic and are concerned about foot imprints? Will you need to hide dirt and soil? Think about the area itself and its priorities, such as stairway safety and easy movement in the home office where there are rolling chairs and heavy furniture, or softness and quiet in the nursery.

Make sure padding is adequate

Just as the rug protects the floor, the padding protects the rug. Without padding, the rug sits directly on the floor's surface, where it can experience snags, slivers, and bumps. The cushion also adds to comfort and quietness.

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Learn to determine the quality

Know some simple terms. Density refers to how closely the fibers are tufted together, and this determines quality. Weight isn’t a good indicator of quality because too many factors can determine heaviness. If you bend back a sample card and see a lot of white space, be sure to ask about it.

Twist refers to how many times per one-inch length, a fiber is twisted. Twist numbers usually range from one to six but may go as high as eight. This only refers to a high pile (long, loose fibers) like the shag or frieze and not with low pile (short, tightly woven yards) rugs like the Berber.

If you’re shopping for carpet in and around Leon County, Florida, come in to visit the Luke Van Camp's Floors & More showroom in Tallahassee, FL. Set up an appointment for an online design consultation where our designers will help you choose the right one for your home. We service Tallahassee, FL, Thomasville, GA, Crawfordville, FL, Woodville, FL, and Havana, FL and, as always, provide free consultations.